Who we are and what we do

RCL FOODS is a leading African food producer with a market capitalisation of R16 billion, employing 20 479 people in operations across South Africa, Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia. We manufacture a wide range of branded and private label food products which we distribute through our own route-to-market supply chain specialist, Vector.

In line with our passion to provide more food to more people, more often, we have recently acquired a number of businesses with strong brands which have enabled us to diversify our offering and significantly enhance our reach. This has resulted in an expanded product range which extends from basic essentials to top-end added-value products.

Through our newly created divisions – Consumer, Sugar& Milling and Vector – we manufacture and distribute a wide range of products under household brand names including Selati sugar, Supreme flour, Rainbow and Farmer Brown chicken, Pieman’s pies, Mageu Number 1 beverages, Sunbake bread, Nola mayonnaise, Yum Yum peanut butter, Bobtail and Catmor pet food products and the leading animal feed brands Epol and Molatek. We also offer a wide range of dedicated services to foodservice customers across South Africa and beyond our borders.

Our divisional structure allows for an enhanced category focus in our core businesses (chicken, sugar, grains and animal feed), whilst delivering into the rapidly growing area of added-value products (food solutions, speciality, pies, grocery, baking, beverages and added-value chicken). Our integrated outbound supply chain business is a key enabler in this enterprise, providing RCL FOODS, as well as various third party customers, with a fleet of more than 1 500 vehicles that distribute more than 60 million cases across South and Southern Africa each year.

Representing the rising opportunity in Africa and the desire to sustain its people

RCL FOODS is a food company. It is therefore fitting that our icon is representative of food. It is made up of two parts. The first part, the bottom half, represents a food bowl and that shape symbolises balance, harmony and community.
The second part, the top half, represents a serving of food. It is rainbow shaped which symbolises hope, opportunity and prosperity. The two parts together represent a bowl filled with an abundance of food.