The Board has accepted its responsibility to present a balanced and understandable assessment of the Group’s position in reporting to stakeholders and understands and accepts the greater demands for transparency and accountability regarding non-financial matters. The selection of information is based on the principles of openness and substance over form. The integrated annual report seeks to address matters of significant interest and concern to all stakeholders and to present a comprehensive and objective assessment of RCL FOODS, so that all stakeholders with a legitimate interest in the Group’s affairs can obtain a complete, fair and honest account of its performance.

Due to the nature of its activities, RCL FOODS has the potential to make a valuable contribution to sustainability through the management of direct and indirect impacts arising from the influence our business has on consumers and suppliers. Consumers and investors are increasingly expecting companies to demonstrate concern for their employees, to minimise the negative environmental impacts of their products, to acquire ethical performance of suppliers and to support communities in which they operate. RCL FOODS believes it makes sound business sense to embrace sustainability as a strategic issue and to proactively manage and report on its sustainability performance.