We take full responsibility for our operations' environmental impact by charging every RCL FOODS employee to ensure effective use of resources and limit their impact on the environment. We also favour suppliers and partners who share our values with regard to the protection of the environment. Our framework for sustainable and responsible production focuses on electricity, water, fuel and packaging and is illustrated below:

We are committed to setting quantifiable environmental objectives and targets which are implemented and regularly reviewed with the aim of improving environmental performance in the following areas:

  • electricity, water, fuel and packaging;
  • air emissions;
  • water pollution and water scarcity;
  • waste; and
  • climate change.

Through our Environmental Policy we promote shared responsibility and accountability amongst employees, stakeholders, local communities and other affected parties on environmental matters of mutual concern. Our policy also requires that the Group’s contractors also follow responsible environmental practices.

This policy is applicable across all operations and functions, including those situations where employees and contractors are required to work off-site. The environmental policy has been communicated to all areas of the business through the employee induction process, the intranet and is also available to the public.

At operational level, Foodcorp is currently setting up systems and processes to measure its environmental performance in line with the Group Environmental Policy. Prior to becoming part of the Group, Foodcorp focused on major environmental risks such as climate change, direct emissions to air, water scarcity waste management, and is currently in the process of expanding reporting and implementation of initiatives. A carbon footprint baselining exercise has been conducted and the results formed part of the RCL FOODS 2014 and 2015 Carbon Disclosure Project submissions.

Rainbow and Vector set quantifiable objectives and targets for each of their operations, striving for performance that does not merely comply with regulations but also reduces overall environmental impacts. TSB also understands the importance of the environment and is constantly investigating ways to improve the way resources are used and energy is transformed.