The baseline year prior to our acquisition of TSB and Foodcorp was 2010. During the past financial year we commenced with the process of re-stating the baseline, with each of the subsidiaries (divisions) starting a review of their 2020 targets.

Sustainability structure and systems
  • Align Group sustainability strategy with national and global best practices and strategic thrusts
  • Develop framework and strategy for Group by consulting with key stakeholders
  • Establish “sustainability culture/ mindset” within the Group
  • Empower sustainability “champion” for each division across the Group and align actions with Group sustainability strategy
  • Entrench sustainability into our systems and structures
  • We will review and align our sustainability goals and finalise our sustainability road map
Waste management and beneficiation strategy
  • Ensure sound environmental conformance (with possible cost savings) through all divisions across the Group by engaging in waste reduction initiatives (Reduce, Re-use, Renew, Recycle)
  • Reduce RCL FOODS’ impact on water, air and ground by reducing and eliminating pollution
  • Drive ISO 14000 principles at all mills, plants and farms
  • Between 2015 and 2020 reduce:
    food waste by 30%
    carbon emissions by 34%
    waste to landfill by 10%
Following the conclusion of a pilot study at one of our plants, we will implement a poultry waste-to-energy project and continue to investigate, innovate and trial options of converting waste into value
Brand development
  • Brand RCL FOODS’ sustainability progress by being part of a formal programme to enlighten consumers. Align RCL FOODS’ sustainability focus with programme guidelines
  • Implement sustainable sourcing strategy and policies to ensure strategic suppliers are aligned with RCL FOODS’ sustainability strategy
  • Live sustainability through brands
  • Source products, services and ingredients from responsible, sustainable suppliers
  • In line with our corporate social investment strategy, we will launch a flagship initiative that will have a focused impact on the communities in which we operate
  • We will continue to develop our sustainable sourcing policy (which provides guidelines for specific procurement category strategies) and initiate its roll-out to suppliers